Sustainable Tourism will be a trend in FITUR 2017

Respect for nature and the community are the keys to understand this tourist practice that is a paradigm shift

Finca El Cercado is an eco-friendly tourist space, as travelers from all over the world have recognized

La Feria Internacional de Turismo FITUR, que se celebra en Madrid del 18 al 22 de enero, tendrá el turismo sostenible como el tema con mayor protagonismo de esta 37 edición, en la que participarán 9.672 empresas.

La Organización Mundial del Turismo ha elegido la feria FITUR 2017 como sede de la inauguración del Año Internacional del Turismo Sostenible para el Desarrollo, declarado por la Organización de Naciones Unidas, reforzando su relevancia entre las ferias más importantes del ranking internacional. Es por ello que el turismo sostenible será el tema central de esta edición, en la que se pondrá de relieve el esfuerzo que está desarrollando el sector en pro de un nuevo modelo de sostenibilidad turística desde la perspectiva económica, sociocultural y medioambiental. Según los datos que se aportan desde la organización de FITUR 2017, en este año un tercio de los viajeros escogerán destinos más eco-friendly que en 2016; el 39% se muestra interesado en probar un eco-tour, y el 79% considera importante reservar un hotel que implemente prácticas ecológicas y sostenibles.

Te damos algunas claves para conocer mejor esta tendencia.

The International Tourism Trade Fair FITUR, held in Madrid from 18 to 22 January, will have sustainable tourism as main theme of this 37th edition, which will involve 9,672 companies from all over the world.

The relevance of the FITUR 2017 staging is underlined by having been chosen by the World Tourism Organisation as the venue for kicking off the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development declared by the United Nations Organisation.

Sustainable Tourism for Development will actually be the leitmotif of this 37th staging of FITUR, where it will be possible to see the efforts the tourism industry is making to contribute through its activity to the development of a new model of tourism sustainability in its main economic, sociocultural and environmental pillars.

The reality is that, in 2017, a third of travellers will choose more eco-friendly destinations than in 2016; 39% is interested in trying an eco-tour; and 79% considers it important to book a hotel that implements ecological and sustainable practices.

We give you some keys to know this trend.

1 – What is sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism defends respect for the natural, cultural and social environment and the right relationship with the community that welcomes the traveler.

]2 – Respect for nature

The World Charter for Sustainable Tourism says that “tourism must support conservation and biodiversity, because a healthy, properly functioning natural environment is a critical tourism resource and serves to heighten awareness of the intrinsic value of nature for us all”.

3 – Defense of human rights

The practice of sustainable tourism implies respect for the community and human rights. It also asserts that the tourism is an engine of economic and social development very important for the environment where it is practiced. Those values are shared by both travelers and eco-friendly tourist establishments.

4 – Cultural heritage

This World Charter for Sustainable Tourism sustains that “Tourism is a driving force for cultural heritage, the arts and cultural and creative industries”.


Finca El Cercado is an eco-friendly tourist establishment. In its 50 walled hectares we cultivate ecological vegetable gardens, aromatic plants and vines, using traditional non-invasive methods. For decades, fruit trees and native species have been growing in our property, which has become a refuge for migratory birds and local wildlife. The rehabilitation of the buildings has been developed respecting the traditional construction forms and, of course, the environment, where the impact has been minimized. Both the rehabilitation and the maintenance of the space have involved local companies and craftsmen from Baltanás and other localities from Palencia and Castile and Leon.

In Finca El Cercado, travelers can enjoy nature, both inside and outside the walls that surround it. Very near from here there are fantastic places to practice Bird Watching, hiking or biking, eco-tours and spaces that combine heritage and nature. In addition, we promote immersion experiences in the local culture, through the knowledge of its traditions or its gastronomy, elaborated following secular craft methods.

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