Palencia, the land of a thousand landscapes

cerrato palencia

The reasons that can move someone to visit Palencia are very varied: we have clients who seek our culture, others who are willing to immerse themselves in the Castilian gastronomy; others tell us about nature but what they all find are a thousand different landscapes in which to get lost. And that a few kilometres from our Finca.

Losing yourself in the plains of Palencia Cerrato

Our region is the Palencia Cerrato and it perfectly represents the Castilian plains, dotted with hills. In our area, you will be able to see both farm fields and others for livestock. Now, in the spring, the green and red of the poppies are the predominant colours, which will give way to more golden tones by the time summer begins, in a few weeks.

Explore the Palencia Mountain

If you direct your steps to the North you will find the Palencia Mountain, covered with snow in winter but green as soon as the thaw begins. This is the destination most desired by lovers of hiking and climbing, but also by those who have made art a way of life since on its slopes are hidden some of the architectural treasures of our province and that can now be visited more fully thanks to the show The Ages of Man.

Immerse yourself in the Canal de Castilla

The Canal de Castilla is a marvel of XVIIIth Century engineering that leaves no one indifferent, and now with good weather offers routes to know both its history and the peoples that flank it. It is also feasible to walk along its banks on foot or by bicycle and it is one of the most popular tours for Palencia visitors.

Go back to the past in La Olmeda

What can we say about the Villa Romana de La Olmeda that we have not already said? We have a few kilometres from our house one of the archaeological treasures of our country. This year is a very special occasion to visit it, as it is fifty years since its discovery. If you have not seen it yet, take advantage of your next visit. And if you’ve seen it, you have the perfect excuse to repeat.