Visit the Canal de Castilla on a boat with merchants from the 17th century

One of the attractions for visitors to Palencia is the Canal de Castilla. This canal is one of the most important hydraulic engineering works in Spain and runs a few kilometers from our Finca. For those who are planning to come to our house this summer, the Provincial Council of Palencia has organized a theatrical visit to the canal that will allow you to discover the ins and outs of this work on a boat with some seventeenth-century merchants.

The ships will depart every Saturday and Sunday in August from Herrera de Pisuerga, an hour from the Cercado, and from Villaumbrales, less than half an hour, and the routes will be on the boats Marqués de la Ensenada and Juan de Homar. The merchants will have disguises so that the little ones are introduced in the time in which the channel was constructed and will be an important part of the crew.

This is a very interesting way of discovering how the Canal de Castilla was used in the past and how it is used today, as well as the way in which it was built. The ship Juan de Homar, which is the one that leaves from Villaumbrales and the closest to our Finca, part of the Museum of the Canal de Castilla and navigates to the wharf of the Parque Fuente Puchera in Becerril de Campos.

The tour is very didactical, and the merchants are willing to answer all your questions. In addition is an activity indicated for the whole family and being made on board a boat is also very pleasant for the hottest days that is leaving us this summer.

We recommend that you take advantage of the stop in Becerril de Campos to visit its old town, where you can not miss the Church-Museum of Santa María, the church of Santa Eugenia and San Pedro Cultural, which houses a space of art, architecture, and astronomy. Also, if you are looking for a place to eat or picnic, we will be happy to make a recommendation.

If you fancy going through the Canal de Castilla on one of these itineraries, hurry because the last will be on August 27. From the Diputación de Palencia we recommend to make a reservation so that you do not run out of place. And may you have a happy voyage!