Become a beekeeper for a day at Finca el Cercado

One of the advantages of having the house surrounded by land is that we can organize unique activities with our visitors. On this occasion, we will recommend you to become beekeepers for a day with Miel Montes de Valvení , who has installed several hives in our farm with which you can live a unique experience.

Our beekeeping activity includes several steps, from the identification of the surrounding flora to the explanation of the role each of the bees play in a beehive. Our experts will also help you identify each type and some basic notions of beekeeping.

This activity is especially recommended for groups but if you come with only one partner,  we encourage you to ask us about beekeeping because we can possibly teach you the most relevant details of our hives. Also, the honey you had for breakfast is from our hives, so you can taste it nevertheless you join the activity.

Honey for events

If you have in mind an event like a wedding, a communion or a baptism and you want to give your guests a unique present, we can also prepare custom jars, so that the memory of the hosts will be doubly special.

Beekeeping is a very old art and allows us to be in contact with nature, and through our experiences we can traverse the history of this art through its procedures and the instruments we use to extract honey. The honeycombs are microcosms that contain a lot of life, and if you are lucky you can see the birth of a new bee breaking a small layer of wax or the work of the worker bees making their products.

Do you dare to discover the secret life of the bees while you come to visit us? Can you think of a more sweet way to enjoy a stay in Palencia? Call us and reserve your beekeeping activity as a group. We are waiting for you!