Las Edades del Hombre at Aguilar de Campoo

las edades del hombre aguilar

One of the advantages of visiting Finca El Cercado is to be able to enjoy the cultural offer of the province of Palencia while you are with us. From May the10th, there is an appointment that you can’t miss, since that day will be inaugurated the new exhibition of Las Edades del Hombre in Aguilar de Campoo under the name “Mons Dei”.

On this occasion, the exhibition reflects on the meaning of the mountain within the Christian tradition. Aguilar de Campoo’s exhibition will follow in the footsteps of other editions of The Ages of Man, in which a dialogue between faith and culture is sought and for this he has availed himself of the Romanesque churches hidden in the mountain of Palencia, which constitute a perfect complement to what will be seen in the main sample.

More than 120 pieces of art

More than 11 million people have already seen some of the editions of The Ages of Man, which is a must for lovers of Castilian culture. On this occasion, more than 120 pieces have been collected, including works by Goya, Gregorio Fernández, El Greco and Juan de Juni. Of all these works, 30 are from Palencia, so it is a good time to discover the art that our province has given.

The venues of the exhibition will be the Collegiate Church of San Miguel and the Church of Santa Cecilia, in Aguilar de Campoo. The names of each of the chapters of The Ages of Man are: “I lift my eyes to the mountains”, “From Sinai to the Sanctuary”, “The cloud of Carmel”, “Christ, the mountain of salvation”, “A city put on the top of a mountain, “” The ascent to the mountain of perfection “and” The Lord will prepare a feast for all the peoples in this mountain. ”

Las Edades del hombre is complemented by an epilogue, ‘Ecclesia Dei’ which is an invitation to visit the Romanesque churches of the North Mountain of Palencia to make the vision of the main exhibition richer. If you dare, do not forget to pick up the map with the 54 churches that will make your visit to Palencia an unforgettable trip.

Special discounts for those who visit The Ages of Man from Finca El Cercado

The visitors of Mons Dei are in luck since when buying the tourist card of the Ages of the Man they will enjoy a 10% discount on their stay with us. Remember that to be able to accept the offer, the reservation must be, at least, for two nights. We are looking forward to you exploring the cultural heritage of Palencia!