Easter in Palencia

Ash Wednesday was last week and with it, Easter is coming in an inexorable way. Spending Easter in Palencia is always a good plan since our house and our province have plans for all tastes.

Easter in Palencia for lovers of traditions

‘Semana Santa’, as we call Easter, is the most outstanding festival in Palencia and combines religious traditions that the Palencians have kept for centuries. It is a ‘Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional’ since 2012 and every year attracts thousands of visitors. The celebrations are led by the nine ‘hermandades’ that the city has and they gather more than 5,000 members around 35 images.

In the processions of Palencia stand out the recollection and the sobriety, being the procession more “boisterous” that of the ‘Oración en el Monte de los Olivos’ but only in specific moments. So, if you come to know their festivities you must know that in these moments the silence predominates.

If you are used to Easter in Andalusia, you must know that ours is not only soberer but that all the processions participate in all the hermandades (although each of them is organized by a specific brotherhood). We also have several distinctive traditions, such as the “tararú” that marks the rhythm of the processions or the “collation” that is distributed on Easter Sunday among the brothers. You have all the information about this year’s program on the official website of the Palencia fraternities.

Easter in Palencia for art lovers

Támara retabloTo stroll through Palencia is to find Roman, Visigothic, Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque art, a complete tour through the History of Art! And Holy Week is a good time to rediscover it. The geography of Palencia is full of unique churches of those in which every time you enter, you can discover a new detail, such as San Juan de Baños or San Millán here in Baltanás.

If you are interested in Roman art, you cannot miss the Roman villa of La Olmeda to which we dedicated an article recently. You can ask us when you come to visit our house and we will inform you of the best way to take advantage of your stay so that you have time to see everything while you are with us.

Easter in Palencia for lovers of gastronomy

Those of us with a gourmet soul cannot resist tasting the typical cuisine of the places we visit. If this is also your case, we can inform you about the best restaurants in Palencia or we can organize a gastronomic night with wine tasting in our house.