Unique Christmas in Palencia

belen finca el cercado

Christmas holidays are here and at Finca el Cercado we have gathered some Christmas plans so that you can enjoy this holiday in Palencia. Winter in our area is a good time to enjoy both indoor plans and outdoor plans (well wrapped, yes), so take note and decide on what dates you will come to visit us:

Nativity Scene tour through Palencia: in our area we have some of the oldest nativity scenes in Spain and on this route you can see eight of the most outstanding ones, which are tended in Palencia’s penitential hermandades, the one of the Episcopal Palace, the one of the abandoned Sisters and the of the Hermandad del dulce nombre de Jesús; to those who join the institutional (the two of the City Council, the two of Diputación in the capital and four of the province), plus those located in the Monastery of Santa Clara at Carrión de los Condes and the Cistercian Monastery of Our Lady of Alconada in Ampudia. You have until January 7 to see them all, do you know which one you’ll start with?

The Nativity Scene, its characters and its symbols: deepens in the symbolism of the nativity scenes in an exhibition that takes place in the Monastery of Santa Clara in Carrión de los Condes.

Concert of the Baccea coral in Alba del Cerrato: a few kilometers from our Finca, you can enjoy an exciting Christmas concert. Do not miss the opportunity to finish the year with music on December 30th.

Puppets “following a star”: in Baltanás, the same town in which we find ourselves, there is an ideal plan for the little ones. A puppet show awaits you at the San Millán Cinema in the afternoon. Come with your family and find the magic of Christmas.

In addition to these plans, remember that we can organize a wine tasting without leaving our house and of course you can stay close to our fireplace while enjoying a quiet Christmas.