What to visit

Castille and Leon offers an amazing array of cultural destinations, and specifically Palencia, with its Gothic Cathedral known as “The Unknown Beauty”.

It is also an excellent point of departure to explore the region’s extraordinary Historical and Artistic Heritage: from the Camino de Santiago, the Romanesque and Renaissance tours, to the most avant-garde Contemporary Art.

The region is a land of contrasts, with picturesque villages and magnificent churches, full of artistic treasures commissioned in the days of its greatest splendour and still preserved today, away from the crowded tourist routes, and making every visit an unexpected discovery.

You can visit the most important archeological site of the Roman Imperial period and its magnificent mosaiques; Spain’s oldest Christian visigoth basilica; the remote locations chosen by Cistersians and Benedictines, with their wonderful romanesque cloisters; or follow the Baroque Organ route or that of the Mudéjar panelings, which only exists in Spain.

To schedule your trip we have prepared a map with our favorite destinations, but there are much more…