Campos del Renacimiento

Becerril de Campos, Cisneros, Paredes de Nava y Fuentes de Nava

Tierra de Campos (‘Land of Fields’) is a region that stands out as the birthplace of the artistic and cultural revolution the Renaissance constituted in the Iberian Peninsula. In four of its towns -Becerril de Campos, Cisneros, Paredes de Nava and Fuentes de Nava- you can find one of the highest concentrations of Renaissance art in Spain.

It was also in these towns where some of the most iconic historical figures of that time, key to understand that historical period in Spain, were born and raised, lived and worked in their workshops.

Campos del Renacimiento gives you, then, an exceptional opportunity to visit some unique art works in the very place where they were once imagined, while walking the same areas and buildings where Pedro and Alonso Berruguete, Jorge Manrique, Alejo de Vahía or Francisco Giralte coexisted. And all within these four towns.