Romanesque from the North of Palencia

The province of Palencia is one of Europe’s largest concentrations of Romanesque monuments. Each one has its own peculiarity and special charm due to its artistic aspects, its location or the route that must be followed to reach it.

But what they all have in common is that they offer us a complete lesson in history, art and culture. From small hermitages that seem to have always formed part of the landscape, to large monastic congregations, as well as all kinds of architectural and decorative motifs.

The different routes of the Romanesque in Palencia also lead us to discover the variety of landscapes that open up along the route, the spectacular views that can be seen from many of them, and the possibility of enjoying the gastronomy, folklore and handicrafts that abound in these villages.

Santa María la Real

Vallespinoso de Aguilar

Moarves de Ojeda

San Andrés de Arroyo

Perazancas de Ojeda

Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos

San Cebrián de Mudá

Revilla de Santullán