Visit the Canal de Castilla on a boat with merchants from the 17th century

mercaderes canal castilla

One of the attractions for visitors to Palencia is the Canal de Castilla. This canal is one of the most important hydraulic engineering works in Spain and runs a few kilometers from our Finca. For those who are planning to come to our house this summer, the Provincial Council of Palencia has organized a theatrical … Read more

Festival de órgano ibérico en Palencia 2017

festival organo palencia

festival organo palencia

One more year we love to inform of the celebration of the Festival of Organ of Palencia, held between July 16th and August 18th. These organs represent one of the main attractions of the artistic heritage of the region: most of them are Baroque from the S-XVIII, and have unique characteristics that make up the “Iberian organ” , very different from those we see in the rest of Europe. Palencia conserves some extraordinary examples, and it also is the occasion to know these wonderful churches, distributed by all the province.

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Things to do in Palencia: four monumental churches that will surprise you

Visit with us four singular monuments in Palencia (Castile and Leon, Spain) Palencia is land of small architectural jewels that sometimes appear in the middle of nowhere, highlighting in the landscape of Tierra de Campos, or maybe among the streets of the towns in the Route of Santiago. Today we invite you to visit four of the most … Read more