Things to do in Palencia: four monumental churches that will surprise you

Visit with us four singular monuments in Palencia (Castile and Leon, Spain)

Palencia is land of small architectural jewels that sometimes appear in the middle of nowhere, highlighting in the landscape of Tierra de Campos, or maybe among the streets of the towns in the Route of Santiago. Today we invite you to visit four of the most amazing temples in the southern half of the province. They are also located in villages where you also can enjoy nature and gastronomy, or discover other important monuments.

1-San Hipólito El Real, Támara de Campos

Cathedral church built in the middle of the countryside between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. It has a magnificent tower of the school of Juan Herrera, and inside we can find one of the most characteristic monuments in Palencia: the baroque organ, that is held on a thin column. It also highlights the baroque altarpiece.

In this church many concerts are organized during the summer. It is worth waiting until nightfall to look at the stars from its viewpoint.

2-Santa María del Camino, Carrión de los Condes

Among the many monuments we can visit in Carrión de los Condes, today we talk about the favorite church of the pilgrims of the Route of Santiago: Santa María del Camino. With Romanesque style (XII century), is surrounded by a beautiful legend: The Miracle of the Hundred Maidens. After losing the battle with the Muslims, the Christians had to deliver 100 maidens, four of them of the town of Carrión. The girls prayed to the Virgin, who sent four bulls that assaulted the Muslims, saving the girls. This miracle is represented in the imagery of the church. Also worthy of mention are its baroque sculptures and the crucified Christ of the Rhenish school, much visited by German tourists.

3-Santa María, Fuentes de Nava

Fuentes de Nava has two beautiful churches, San Pedro and Santa María. Today we talk about the second one, recently restored, declared National Monument since 1978. This Renaissance temple is one of the most important examples of Mudejar art in Castile and Leon. Its polychrome coffered ceiling highlights for its quality and state of preservation. Also worthy of note is the 18th-century altarpiece, two Gothic sculptures (one of them made by Alejo de Vahía) and a precious Baroque organ by Tadeo Ortega.


4- Colegiata de San Miguel, Ampudia

The immense tower of San Miguel, which can be climbed by a staircase of 278 steps, is known as “La Giralda de Campos”, in reference to the tower of Seville. Located in the monumental town of Ampudia, declared Historic Site, it is a beautiful temple of Gothic style. In its interior they emphasize its Renaissance, Plateresque and Baroque altarpieces, and the chapels of Santa Ana and San Ildefonso. It is worth listening to the baroque organ built by Tadeo Ortega. The escape to this temple can be completed with a walk through the castilian streets of Ampudia and its castle….