An original wedding in a unique setting

How do you dream of the most important day of your life? Do you imagine an outdoor ceremony or banquet? Or maybe you are looking for ideas for an original wedding in a unique venue?

Finally there is a place in Palencia where all your dreams can meet. Where everything will be perfect, unique and different.


At last, the bride and groom can have an entire estate to celebrate their wedding in a place where the magical Sea of Castile is the temple and the spectacular sunset is the backdrop.

Finca El Cercado is located just 4 kilometres from Baltanás (Palencia), in the heart of the El Cerrato region. A location that makes it ideal for all those couples who wish to celebrate their wedding in the south of Palencia, very close to the capital and also very close to Burgos and Valladolid.

It is a magical space, where nature itself offers a setting that no wedding hall can match, and where birdsong is the best musical background that the bride and groom can imagine for their banquet.

If you dream of an original and unique wedding, Finca El Cercado is what you are looking for. Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks with which we work with events, providing the excitement you expect for that special day, with the commitment to make each project something exclusive.


Finca El Cercado has all the facilities that the bride and groom need to organise their wedding without worrying about anything. It has a large esplanade of 1,600 square metres with unbeatable views to place the marquee and a conditioned parking area for the guests. If you opt for an intimate wedding, Finca El Cercado also has an Events Pavilion, a large open-plan space connected to two large outdoor terraces.


The bride and groom and their family and friends can also use the rooms of the Main House and the Guest House to rest, dress and stay after such a special day.


But, undoubtedly, the hallmark of the events and weddings at Finca El Cercado is the details. We organise the ceremony and banquet so that they are unique, in keeping with the personality of the couple, surprising and unforgettable.

Do you want to know more? Make an appointment with us without any obligation and come to Finca El Cercado to see for yourself that this is the place you are looking for for your original, personal and unique wedding.