6 spots of Palencia that you should not miss to visit in winter

The Finca El Cercado is near to the main tourist places in Palencia. We offer you six plans that should not miss if you will visit this area of Castile and Leon (Spain).

Perfect ideas to organize a weekend getaway. You can combine resting in our Main House or Guest House with the best tourism activities.

1 – The ‘Bodegas’ (wine cellars) of Torquemada and Baltanás

in Torquemada and Baltanás –the town where Finca El Cercado is located- are nowadays one of the most fashionable tourist destination in Palencia. They have been recently obtained the ‘BIC’ declaration because of their cultural interest.

This kind of subterranean architecture has been dedicated to produce wine for over centuries, in a district that now belongs to Designation of Origin ‘Arlanza’.

In Baltanás, the unusual conical chimneys could inspire, as it’s said, to the spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. This is the most important peripheral excavated zone in Castile and Leon, because of its extension, number of cellars, preservation and antiquity, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Nearby, in Torquemada, wine cellars are known for their distribution in several streets on level ground, forcing their construction deeper to ensure temperature and moisture needed for winemaking. For this reason all entries face north. Today more than 500 ‘bodegas’ are kept in a good state of preservation.

2 – San Pedro Cultural, en Becerril de Campos

An innovative restoration has completely changed the daily life of a village. San Pedro Cultural, in Becerril de Campos, is an unusual space that preserves the romantic air of the ruins of this temple, fusing it with an original subject: Astronomy.

Inside, visitor can find a starry night, where learning and enjoying the universe. A living space with guided tours, cultural events and the information activities of the Astronomical Association of Palencia.

3 – The Nava Lagoon

The Nava Lagoon

The Nava Lagoon is one of the most important wetlands in Castile and Leon. There, lovers of Nature and Ornithology can watch lots of bird species. In Winter, it is easy to see geese, mallards, teals, whistling ducks, pintails, Northern Shoveler, harriers and herons.

4 – The exhibition “The Nativity, its characters and symbols”, in Carrión de los Condes

Nothing is more typical in winter than Christmas. In Spanish tradition, Nativity scenes are the most representative of this icon. For decades, the nuns from Santa Clara Monastery, in Carrión de los Condes treasure one of the most important collections of Nativity in the world.

The eleventh exhibition “The Nativity, its characters and symbols” can be visited at the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara in Carrión de los Condes until 3rd of February 2016. Besides the permanent collection, which is already an international reference, this year includes the parts related to music and the joy of celebrating the birth of the Son of God.

5 – Mayor Street, in the city of Palencia

According to a popular saying, people from Palencia spend most of their free time walking in the Main Street (Calle Mayor). This main street of the capital is full of life, surrounded by wonderful, admiring architectural buildings, and most of them are made by the local architect Jerónimo Arroyo. People can enjoy their shops and the good atmosphere of the area. The can also discover the monument known as ‘Bella Desconocida’ (The Unknown Beauty): the exquisite Gothic cathedral.

To complete the walk, you should not miss the local Gastronomy: the delicious ‘tapas’ with a glass of local wine, or the culinary creations based on products from Palencia and Castile and Leon

6 – Tosande’s Yew Forest

We complete our getaway plans in a fary tale forest: Tosande, in Castrejón de la Peña, in the northern mountains of Palencia. A set of ancient yew trees with twisted trunks and magical environment. There is a low difficulty path with a total length of 10,5 kilometers to walk and enjoy.

Do you know any of these places? Do you have any other idea to enjoy a weekend in Palencia? Tell us!