An inspiring getaway: Finca El Cercado during the blossoming of the almond trees

At the end of winter, our spirit needs sunshine and fresh air. The month of March is the best season for a getaway to Finca El Cercado, a luxury spanish villa full of nature where the almond trees blossom spectacularly

After the long winter, with the first rays of spring sunlight, it is time to go out, breathe, get relaxed. Time to purify yourself from stress.

Finca El Cercado is a haven of peace and nature where only the singing of birds breaks the silence of the Castilian countryside. In the first decades of the twentieth century, our grandfather, a lover of nature, planted hundreds of almond trees in the 50 hectares of the estate, seeking his care to give us rich almonds and precious flowers.

Today, those almond trees give us a wonderful promenade among its flowers.

We can not describe the pleasant sensation of walking among our almond trees … You have to live it!

At this time, moreover, the roses begin to unfold all their beauty. The thousands of shades that offer their colored petals are a delight for the senses.

The aromatic plants are another of the most abundant species in Finca El Cercado. Its fragance accompanies us throughout the walk.


Nature hikes from Finca El Cercado:

The Waterfall of Mazobre:

At this time, the Waterfall of Mazobre, in the Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre (Palencia, Castille and Leon), collects the waters of the mountains and looks splendorous. The ease of the route (about 250 meters of unevenness) make it recommendable for a family getaway from Finca El Cercado.