cabecera birdwatching


Bird lovers and ornithologists can observe throughout the year a huge variety of birds. Some of them can only be seen in Spain, such as the spectacular “rueda” of Great Bustards (Otis Tarda).

The Villafáfila and La Nava lagoons are two important wetlands in the area. Throughout the year, migrations and the reproduction of hundreds of different types of birds, such as the grey heron (Ardea Cinerea), storks (Ciconia Ciconia), various types of geese (Anser), and the barnacle goose (Branta Leucopsis), can be observed.

However, the undisputed queen of the region is the great bustard (Otis Tarda), impressive in size, beauty, and behavior. The Villafáfila Nature Reserve has the highest density of great bustards in the world.

The nearby town of Fuentes de Nava preserves unexpected treasures: the 15th-century Gothic Church with a stone porch and a facade adorned with famous pilgrim shells, its incredible Mudéjar coffered ceiling from the 16th century, which is in perfect condition, and, as is common in the region, a splendid Baroque organ from the 18th century.

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