Falconry, a great experience in the countryside

Un águila espera a que comience la sesión de cetrería.

Falconry, also known as the art of hunting with birds of prey, is an ancient practice that has fascinated mankind throughout history. It has now become a rural experience that fascinates all those who approach this world. This ancestral tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, evolving and adapting over time. Falconry in … Read more

Beekeeping, an experience to remember

Beekeeping is a unique experience, an millenary and essential activity for the preservation of the environment, a unknown activity for many, which surprises young and old alike when you get to know it up close. Beekeeping is much more than the production of honey. It consists of the breeding and care of bees with the … Read more

Finca El Cercado, live a unique rural getaway

Finca El Cercado is a unique place, halfway between Madrid, Bilbao or Santander, perfect to live a wonderful rural getaway, ideal for all those who are looking for a luxury house near Madrid. A 50-hectare estate completely walled in, guaranteeing privacy and exclusivity. Cristina Brunet, responsible for a very special project, knows this well. “We … Read more