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Palencia is a special place due to its historical relationship with sky observation. Pilgrims on routes like the Camino de Santiago or Camino de las Estrellas were guided by the Milky Way; churches such as San Pedro Cultural represented them in their stones, and important astronomers from the Middle Ages were born in this territory.

The recently created association “Descubre Palencia,” formed by three enterprising women who own charming accommodations in the province of Palencia, is promoting astrotourism experiences to highlight the observation of the night sky, an underexploited resource in the region.

They have organized several gatherings in different locations throughout the province for summer 2023, focusing on star observation. The activities begin with astronomy lectures, followed by the opportunity to observe celestial objects such as stars, planets, nebulae, etc., through professional telescopes. The activities are led by monitors certified by the Starlight Foundation.


The Skies of Castilla

The summer program will begin on June 10th in Becerril de Campos with a sky observation and the discovery of constellation stories, and it will end on September 2nd with the final astronomical observation in Frómista.

Adults: 20 euros

Children: 15 euros
under 5 years old: free

Frómista - Ayuntamiento de Frómista. Free Astronomical Events

Becerril de Campos - Hotel Sanmartina. Activity "Las Perseidas"

Baltanás - Finca El Cercado

Frómista - Eco Hotel Doña Mayor. Activity "Las Perseidas"

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