Zamora and Palencia

Villafáfila and La Nava are important wetlands in the region. Throughout the year you can see the migration or reproduction of hundreds of different types of birds, such as the Heron (Ardea Cinerea), storks (Ciconia Ciconia), various types of geese (Anser), or the barnacle goose (Branta Leucopsis).

But the undisputed King of the region is the Great Bustard (Otis Tarda), impressive for its size, beauty and behaviour. The Villafáfila Natural Reserve has the highest density of them in the world.

The nearby village of Fuentes de Nava preserves unexpected treasures: the church façade and Gothic porch of 15th century with the famous pilgrim shells, its incredible mudejar coffered ceiling of 16th century, still in perfect conditions, and as usual in the region, a splendid Baroque organ from the 18th century.