cerrato palencia

Palencia, the land of a thousand landscapes

cerrato palencia

The reasons that can move someone to visit Palencia are very varied: we have clients who seek our culture, others who are willing to immerse themselves in the Castilian gastronomy; others tell us about nature but what they all find are a thousand different landscapes in which to get lost. And that a few kilometres from our Finca.

las edades del hombre aguilar

Las Edades del Hombre at Aguilar de Campoo

las edades del hombre aguilar

One of the advantages of visiting Finca El Cercado is to be able to enjoy the cultural offer of the province of Palencia while you are with us. From May the10th, there is an appointment that you can’t miss, since that day will be inaugurated the new exhibition of Las Edades del Hombre in Aguilar de Campoo under the name “Mons Dei”.

Easter in Palencia

Ash Wednesday was last week and with it, Easter is coming in an inexorable way. Spending Easter in Palencia is always a good plan since our house and our province have plans for all tastes.

belen finca el cercado

Unique Christmas in Palencia

belen finca el cercado

Christmas holidays are here and at Finca el Cercado we have gathered some Christmas plans so that you can enjoy this holiday in Palencia. Winter in our area is a good time to enjoy both indoor plans and outdoor plans (well wrapped, yes), so take note and decide on what dates you will come to visit us:

villa romana la olmeda

Roman Villa of La Olmeda, a must for Roman Art Lovers in Castille

If Palencia is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of Romanesque, the Roman Villa of La Olmeda is a must for those who love Roman art. A unique corner where you can immerse yourself in their habits of life, their art and their legacy. Located in the Palencia municipality of Pedrosa de la Vega, just one hour from our Finca, it is a must to dive into the art and way of life of 2000 years ago.
curso de cata palencia

Wine tasting in Finca el Cercado

In Finca el Cercado we want our guests to take advantage of their stay to live new experiences, and one of the most demanded activities is the wine tasting without leaving our house. The town where our house is located, Baltanás, has a neighborhood of historic wineries that are interesting to visit, and autumn is a good time to enjoy wine in the warmth of our fireplace.
festival organo palencia

Festival de órgano ibérico en Palencia 2017

festival organo palencia

One more year we love to inform of the celebration of the Festival of Organ of Palencia, held between July 16th and August 18th. These organs represent one of the main attractions of the artistic heritage of the region: most of them are Baroque from the S-XVIII, and have unique characteristics that make up the “Iberian organ” , very different from those we see in the rest of Europe. Palencia conserves some extraordinary examples, and it also is the occasion to know these wonderful churches, distributed by all the province.

Santa María Nava, artesonado mudéjar

Things to do in Palencia: four monumental churches that will surprise you

Visit with us four singular monuments in Palencia (Castile and Leon, Spain)

Palencia is land of small architectural jewels that sometimes appear in the middle of nowhere, highlighting in the landscape of Tierra de Campos, or maybe among the streets of the towns in the Route of Santiago. Today we invite you to visit four of the most amazing temples in the southern half of the province. They are also located in villages where you also can enjoy nature and gastronomy, or discover other important monuments.